How to share your Entire screen on google Hangouts

How to share your Entire screen on google Hangouts

You can share what’s on your screen during a second together with your Google Hangout participant. this is often a helpful option for social marketers because it’s allows you to other media options to urge exposure for your brand. it’s also easy-to-use for sharing a slide for a PPT or to point out an internet site or online video, for etc.

Now share your screen on Google Hangouts in simple 4 steps

If you’re using Google Hangouts from or Gmail:

1. Click the 3 dot menu icon at top right
2. Select “Screen share”

When you share your screen on google hangouts with the participant, you can show your entire screen or certain windows Screen.

3. Click on how you would like to share your screen you’ll either share the whole screen, which is that the default , otherwise you can toggle over to the appliance window section of the pop-up to pick individual windows to share with video participants.

you can either show your entire screen or an application window on google Hangouts.

4. Click on “Share”

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